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Rutland Water Benefice Magazine

About the Rutland Water Benefice Magazine

The monthly Magazine is packed full of news, events and local services around the Benefice and is distributed free of charge to every home in the Benefice. This is made possible by the generous support of the advertisers and our team of volunteers. A digital version is available to download.

About advertising in the Magazine

Approximately 1600 copies of the Rutland Water Benefice Magazine are printed each month and delivered free of charge to every home in the ten parishes. If you are interested in advertising in the Magazine you may find the following information useful.

Sizing and costs of adverts

The total cost for advertising in the 6 issues have recently been increased to:

  • £300 for 1 whole page (176mm high x 130mm wide);
  • £150 for half page (landscape, 88mm high x 130mm);
  • £75 for quarter page (portrait, 88mm high x 63mm);
  • £30 for a 2-line (short ads)

Payment is required either by post with your completed form or via e-transfer.

The next print run

There are usually two print runs per year on a 6-month cycle: April-September and October-March and unfortunately it is not possible to make any alterations to adverts until the next print run. The deadline for advertising in the Magazine from October 2022 through to March 2023 was Friday, 12th August 2022.

Requirements of copy

Our Printer requires advert copy to be provided in final digital form as a PDF or Word file (we are advised that alternative formats which may have been provided by a professional are unsuitable).

How to proceed with an advert request

For further information or to receive an application form, please email Angela at: magazinerwb@outlook.com

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